This is Rod Castro...

He's with a band called Day 8, which is fronted by Tom Sizemore (!). Stay tuned for some pics of Tom playing a Ruby Red, as we've mentioned before, you just never know who'll turn up with an RKS these days!
Rod Castro and Tom Sizemore of Day 8

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by rks on 03·Oct·2006 in category: Artists | link to this |

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I just ordered, today, a Solidbody Trans Red Satin NATJ2 guitar...should receive by Friday. I'm excited to add such a unique instrument to my collection. My primary axe is a 1959 Reissue Les Paul Standard Elec. which I play on a lovely Marshall J2000-TSL 122 tube amp. I got the RKS for a different look, feel and sound. The Les Paul has very hot burstbuckers, and I am hoping the RKS is a little more tame. I'll report back on its performance this weekend.

commented by :: Nick R: | on :: October 4, 2006 20:40

Looking forward to hearing your report, Nick!

commented by :: RKS/lizard: | on :: October 5, 2006 17:54

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